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Since 2013, my followers on Real Money ProSeeking Alpha and Investors Alley continues to make me one of the top trafficked contributors. I attribute this to the approach I've taken when it comes to investing.  The recognition by colleagues and subscriber base is a testimonial that this investing strategy produces profitable results. It has worked for me, and for many who have followed. I hope it works just as well in your investment portfolio. Happy Hunting!

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Bret Jensen
Founder and Manager

Bret Jensen has more than three decades of investing experience. He currently manages two of the most subscribed to services available via SeekingAlpha's MarketPlace. He founded The Biotech Forum and it is the fourth most subscribed to investment service offered through the Marketplace on In June 2016, he added a second investment service, The Insiders Forum to his roster. In September 2017, Bret launched a third service, the Busted IPO Forum.

The focus of each service is to provide deep research and analysis on underfollowed high beta and high alpha sectors of the stock market with significant potential for outsized alpha.

  • The Biotech Forum: Finding tomorrow's big winners in the lucrative biotech sector »Learn More

  • The Insiders Forum: Build a superior portfolio of attractive small and mid-cap stocks insiders are purchasing »Learn More

  • Busted IPO Forum: Stocks that have been public for 18 months to 5-years that are trading substantially under their IPO prices »Learn More


Specializing in profiling high beta sectors, Bret's success in finding “gems” in these highly volatile market sectors catapulted his status as an expert in these areas of the stock market, particularly in the biotech sector. These spaces proven hugely successful in the biotech and small cap stock sectors have empowered Bret Jensen's own investing portfolio.

Bret Jensen is a highly regarded financial blogger and analyst for:

  • Real Money Pro Contributor

  • Seeking Alpha Contributor

  • Investors Alley Newsletter Editor

  • MoneyShow Conference Speaker

  • DIY Investment Panelist


Bret Jensen graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. Finance degree. He served as the Technology Director at American Express for more than a decade. He Co-Founded and served as Chief Investment Strategist for Simplified Asset Management. Bret is currently Founder, Editor and Portfolio Manager of several subscription-based services and investment newsletters.

The Biotech Nation is a community for biotech investors. We plan to focus on events and developments pertinent for equity investors in this high beta space. The include regulatory developments, M&A actions and rumors as well as FDA decisions and upcoming trial milestones. We also plan to provide investment analysis on various attractive small and midcap concerns within the industry as well as to be a conduit for discussion around various trade scenarios involving both equity and option strategies.

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