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The Train Is Leaving The Station

Thursday we sent out a special offer to try out the Busted IPO Forum before the annual membership goes up $50 annually starting on July 1st. I just wanted to give everyone one last chance to action this offer before it expires at midnight EST today.

This promotion consists of a 14 day risk-free trial into the Busted IPO Forum, 20% off your first year of membership as well as the current low price for the Forum for the life of your membership.

So what did you miss this week on the Busted IPO Forum? Our model portfolio surged more than 400 bps on the week, tripling the return from the Russell 2000 on the week. Our overall return now stands at an all-time 'high water' mark of 28.83% since our launch in the summer of 2017. This compares to just a 3.38% return from the Russell 2000 over the same time frame.

On Friday, we added a small developmental biotech stock to our model portfolio that sells for just over a buck a share. Although its pipeline is mid-stage and the equity is a high risk concern, its technology targeting the oncology space is very intriguing. The stock could easily be a 'ten-bagger' if development is successful over the next few years. Insiders have also been buyers of the shares recently.

Finally, in our weekly update we published Saturday, we outlined a buy-write strategy on a $6.00 biotech stock in our model portfolio. The stock has regained some momentum of late and has some upcoming potential catalysts on the horizon. We mapped out an option strategy that will return 25% over the next eight months if the stock just stays flat. If the shares go up to above the $7.50 a share strike price, as we think they will, the overall return would be nearer to 60%.

Another busy and profitable week at The Busted IPO Forum to close June.

What are you waiting for? Activate this special offer CLICK HERE NOW -- ends today midnight EST.

We look forward to giving you a risk-free tour of our growing and profitable community.

Thank You & Happy Hunting,

Bret Jensen

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