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Truth. Your stock portfolio would be up 54.50% today.

Fellow Investor,

Had you invested alongside us from the start, your stock portfolio would be up 54.50% today.


The Insiders Forum has produced a return of 54.50% compared to 29.11% from the Russell 2000 over the same period of time (as of the market close on 4/19/19). The overall performance for The Insiders Forum is almost DOUBLE its benchmark since launching on Seeking Alpha in June 2016.

Last week, the markets were choppy and equities ended lower in a holiday-shortened trading week. Biotech was particularly hit hard as 'Medicare for All' got more attention as we get deeper in the 2020 election cycle. There also seemed to be a great deal of algorithmic trading in the sector mid-week where the SPDR Biotech ETF fell some 4.7% in a relatively flat market on Wed.

Despite weakness in that high beta sector where we have decent exposure, our model portfolio consisting of 24 stocks, The Insiders Forum fell almost exactly in line with the Russell 2000 for the holiday week.

Most of our holdings in The Insiders Forum held up well even if there was a paucity of notable gainers in our portfolio. Click here to register for a free trial to see which stocks held in our model portfolio rallied.

By registering for The Insiders Forum with a free trial subscription, not only will you have access to ‘deep dive’ analysis of stocks in our portfolio, but you are also joining a community of fellow investors who actively participate in our Live Chat.

You’re not in this alone!

That means I’m investing alongside you.

All of the holdings in The Insiders Forum model portfolio, I own within my personal accounts.

We are in this together!

Thank You & Happy Hunting,

Bret Jensen, Founder The Insiders Forum

P.S. Did I mention that for a limited time now through April 26, 2019, you will receive 20% off the annual membership if you choose to stick with us after the 14-days of free access — a savings of $67.80 for your first year of subscription.

⬇︎ Follow the link to register and activate⬇︎ your free trial subscription and lock-in a 20% discount

  • Model 25-stock portfolio of the most attractive small and mid-cap stocks insiders are buying.

  • Trade alerts and immediate updates on any company moving events in the portfolio.

  • Weekly portfolio updates and performance metrics against The Russell 2000.

  • Deep dive analysis of all new additions to the portfolio and other exclusive content.

  • Answers to any questions around stocks insiders are purchasing.

  • Live Chat - interact with a community of fellow investors.

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